How Digital Marketing Helps Small Businesses ❤️ Our Story

updated on 15 April 2024

We start like many small businesses — many projects but not so much money for big advertisements. We needed a way to find customers for our unknown products. This is our story about how we found a smart way with digital marketing.

How Beno Started

We were just a small team with big tasks. Spending much on advertisement wasn't possible. Then we saw something interesting—many people on social media sites and forums like Reddit talking about problems that our product solves very well. We think, "Why not talk to these people?" At first, we answer them one by one. It was good—many likes, many talks, but so much time needed.

We think, "Can we make this easier?" Yes, with AI! That's how Beno starts. Beno is our tool that uses AI to find the right conversations on social media platforms and talks to people automatically. It was just what we needed—less time, more talking.

Seeing Results Fast

In just one month after we start using Beno, we see big changes. We reach more people, get more interest, and spend less time doing it. It was amazing to see how using smart digital marketing strategies could make such a big difference.

Not only did Beno help us, but soon other businesses wanted to use it too. They see how well it works for social media marketing and want the same results. So, we start to offer Beno to more people.


Our story shows that even small teams with small budgets can do big things with the right tools. Beno was made from our need to be more effective and now helps many others in the same way. This is how we grow bigger, and it shows the power of good digital marketing tools in today's world.

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