✌️ I'm Beno, AI to Reach More Clients on Reddit Automatically

Spend just 5 minutes setting up, and let Beno organically join Reddit discussions, boost your visibility, and attract leads — all automatically.

Using Beno costs $50 a month and take just 2 minutes to setup, compared to manual replies which can take 35-60 hours and cost $1860 monthly.

Mentions in Social Networks

Using Beno costs $50 a month and take just 2 minutes to setup, compared to manual replies which can take 35-60 hours and cost $1860 monthly.

Mentions in Social Networks

Always relevant. Never spammy

Like real users. Not bots

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Key Features

Discover what makes Beno the best choice for automated online engagement
  • Real-Time Monitoring

    Stay on top of thousands of conversations about your product. Beno helps with reputation management and ensures your online presence is strong. It’s like having digital marketing tools working for you 24/7.

  • Automated Reply Generation

    Easily keep up with online conversations with Beno’s AI-powered writing. Get automatic AI replies for relevant discussions, ensuring your brand stays active and engaged without extra effort.

  • User-Controlled Replies

    Have the flexibility to edit the replies Beno generates. This way, you can make sure every message perfectly matches your brand's voice. This is part of our innovative marketing solutions.

  • Automated Reply Posting

    Save time and effort by letting Beno handle the posting of replies. Our team takes care of automating digital marketing tasks, ensuring consistent and timely engagement across Reddit.

  • 24/7 Support

    Enjoy the peace of mind with our 24/7 support. Whether managing multiple social media accounts or needing assistance, Beno ensures you have help whenever you need it, making it an essential part of your marketing automation platforms.

Why Beno?

  • Cost-Effective Lead Generation

    By automating the process of monitoring and engaging in relevant discussions, you can discover potential clients that you might have missed otherwise, all at a lower cost per acquisition.

  • Automating Existing Processes

    You can automate your current manual lead generation processes. One user noted, “This kind of process already helps us acquire three-fourths of our current clients. With Beno, we can do it more at scale.” 

  • Simplified Account Management

    Beno handles the social commenting and has the accounts ready. As one user put it, “The social commenting and that you guys have the accounts already, that's huge. I would not want to make or manage new accounts on other platforms."

  • Quick and Easy Setup

    Just fill out three inputs on our website—product name, link, and a comprehensive description—and we handle the rest.

  • New Audiences on Reddit

    Beno helps you connect with niche communities on Reddit, especially in the US market. 

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How It Works

  • 1

    Describe You Project

    Your description is key! The quality and relevance of our replies depend on how well you describe your project.

  • 2

    Track Mentions

    We track relevant discussions across the internet based on your description.

  • 3

    Centralized Mentions

    All relevant mentions are displayed in one dashboard and can be exported.

  • 4

    Post Selection

    Our AI selects high-quality, recent, and relevant posts where your product deserves a shoutout in the replies.

  • 5

    Natural Engagement

    We post replies using our accounts, or you can choose to post using your own accounts.

What Users Find Useful in Beno

  • Beno automates a process I handle manually every day as a founder. It monitors relevant discussions and responds to them, saving me a couple of hours each day.

    B2B Startup Founder
  • We are always looking for new ways to generate more leads. Beno stands out with its innovative approach in marketing by using AI to score discussions on Reddit and post useful, relevant replies in the most pertinent ones. This approach helps keep our client acquisition costs low.

    Growth Product Manager of a B2B SaaS company
  • The setup for Beno is incredibly simple and quick. It only takes 5-10 minutes to get started.

    Startup CTO
  • I have to create and manage accounts manually, dealing with different sign-ups and sign-ins. Beno takes care of all that, it manages accounts automatically. 

    Marketing Agency Founder

Pricing Plans

2 months for freeEmoji Gift PNG
  • Sensei's Starter

    Perfect for Beginners: Ideal for those starting with manual engagement on Reddit.
    • Manual Engagement
      Find relevant discussions and create replies without automatic posting.
    • Unlimited relevant discussions
    • Unlimited generated replies
    • Promote 1 Project
  • Samurai Scout

    Save Time: Perfect for those looking to save time with automated engagement.
    • Automate Your Engagement
      Let Beno handle the posting for you with automated replies.
    • Unlimited relevant discussions
    • Unlimited generated replies
    • Promote 1 Project
    • Up to 50 Automated Posts/Month
  • Shogun Strategist

    Growth Hacking: Ideal for growth hackers and businesses with higher engagement needs.
    • Automate Your Engagement
    • Unlimited relevant discussions
    • Unlimited generated replies
    • Promote 1 Project
    • 150 Automated Posts/Month
  • Emperor's Elite

    Unmatched Reach: Perfect for large businesses aiming to scale like never before.
    • Automate Your Engagement
    • Unlimited relevant discussions
    • Unlimited generated replies
    • Promote 3 Projects
    • 450 Automated Posts/Month

Our Story

Beno started as a solution to our own problem. While working with other products, we wondered how we could get more reach with fewer resources. We noticed lots of folks on social media and forums like Reddit talking about issues our product could fix. We began replying manually and got plenty of likes, but it was super time-consuming. Then we had an idea of automating it. And just like that, Beno was born. ❤️

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